TATRAPAN 8X8 and 6x6

TATRAPAN is an armoured off-road vehicle built on the military version of the TATRA T-815 chassis. It is designed to protect the crew both in the cabin and the superstructure against 7,62 AP rounds and shrapnels. The special design of the V-shaped bottom provides increased protection against mine explosion.

TATRAPAN has excellent off-road capabilities, based on the permanent all-wheel drive. It has one central differential and 3 lockable differentials, independently sprung and swinging axle shafts, and a backbone frame with a support tube with excellent tensional rigidity and central tire inflation.

The vehicle is constructed for operations under extreme climatic conditions ranging from -40 °C up to 55 °C of ambient temperature.

The TATRAPAN cabin is armoured, two-seated equipped with a lid with the possibility to mount a turret, and covered with protective thermal insulation materials. 

It is equipped with modern day-night observation devices, communications systems, air conditioning, heating, NBC protection, back up generator and central inflation system.

The TATRAPANis designed to carry a variety of special purpose bodies. 

Basic modifications:

  • Personnel Carrier
  • Command Post
  • Patrol Vehicle
  • Ambulance
  • Police Vehicle

The first TATRAPAN prototype entered service in 1994. Till 2009, there were about 50 vehicles produced for the Slovak and Cyprus National Guard armies.

TATRAPAN vehicles were provided for NATO peacekeeping missions and for the United Nations 
abroad. These are included among official, codified NATO weaponry. 

TATRAPAN was used in foreign military missions in Eritrea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Golan Heights and Cyprus.